The "Not-So-Fine" Print

Or - How I'll Get Paid


As I’ve shared, is a personal account of how my wife and I have rebuilt our family finances. Our site includes descriptions of products, strategies and experiences. Our blog and the attached videos will go into even greater detail and speak to more current news of the day.


This site is not a vehicle to sell you these products nor is it a means for me to provide you with personal advice. I am no longer a licensed Financial Advisor but still respect the fact that today’s regulatory environment is designed to protect you – and me.

All of the products and services promoted on are those I have either held in personal or family accounts or recommended to clients while serving as a Financial Advisor on Bay Street. This site will share my personal experiences; the good, the bad and the ugly. You will hear the pros, cons, costs and risks. I will describe who I think might consider these products and those of you who should steer clear.

If you are interested in anything shared here – send me a note with your contact info and mention the item(s) of interest. I will be happy to connect you personally and send you a product and or strategy brief including my own experiences as I described above.

Once done – my product partners will take on all compliance responsibilities and help you make an informed decision. I will not play an active role in the ongoing service of your investment plan.

In return for making these introductions, the investment firms will pay me a reasonable referral fee (representing a share of the advisor’s current standard fees which will not be increased in order to pay me) in line with industry guidelines and fully disclosed to you.

Please recognize that there are risks taken when you invest and while you could make money – you could lose. That is why it is important for you to take every action and use your best judgement to make an informed decision. Please also recognize that past investment results are no guarantee of future performance, good or bad. I can’t be any clearer.

Fair enough?


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