Tax Management Strategies That Work



The Canadian economy has been for years built on the exploration for, development and markets for natural resources including energy, lumber and mineral resources. We are best-known as being the World’s source for the building materials and the means to make cities, towns and countries work.


Because we are so natural resource dependent, Canadian governments have provided knowledgeable investors with the means to support our economy and enjoy significant tax advantages at the same time.

Your funds will be invested in private equities in Canada’s finest exploration and development firms to help these firms find new sources of material. The entire amount of your investment will be tax deductible from any source of income over a 2-Year period (90% in Year 1 and 10% in Year 2). Your funds will be held for a 2-Year period at which time they will be converted into a liquid trading security that can be sold in the market without restriction.

Selling your funds at that point would be taxable as capital gains. The beauty of these products in the ability to create tax savings today and lower taxes in the future as capital gains can be offset against past losses. 

There are several flow-through share offerings in Canada and many more tax planning strategies. Take a moment and search “Line 224 Canadian Exploration Expense Credit” on your search engine of choice and see for yourself!


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