Private Asset Management


Many Canadian families want choice and tailored solutions. At some point, a portfolio of mutual funds and other public market securities in a cookie-cutter account may no longer be right for you. Our private asset managers will design a portfolio specific to you. The securities reflected will consider other non-public assets you hold and accommodate unique situations such as private companies and heavy concentrations in specific company stock.


Our portfolio managers will build a unique portfolio in order to help you achieve the target returns you need, build sustainable income and successfully attain these goals with at or below market risk. This level of specialization is impossible to achieve in the one-size-fits-all approach, common to most stock brokers and financial planners.

You will engage with our manager and his highly skilled team (who has served my family and is known to me since 1992) utilizing a sophisticated pricing model where you will pay institutional management and trading rates. You will be charged very reasonable fees, designed to ensure you both win together. Their model has been created to ensure partnership and maximum accountability to you.

Private Asset Manager Accounts are best-suited to families with $250,000 or more in total investment portfolios in cash and existing securities. Solutions may be available for investors at lower entry points.


 For more on how you can work with a dedicated professional asset manager, to design a plan and portfolio completely unique to you and your situation – please ask including the phrase “Private Asset Management" in the "What caught your attention" box, when you complete the Contact Us Request for Information, formatted email.