My Story


In 1993, I started a career as a Financial Advisor with a major independent Bay Street investment firm. I was licensed to sell stocks, bonds and mutual funds and dual-licensed to sell life insurance. Life insurance products helped my clients secure their families from catastrophe and create estate plans to transfer wealth to the next generation. Everything was going well. I had a growing practice, thoroughly enjoyed and cared about my clients and always put their interests first. I thought I could do it all.

Until I discovered, I couldn’t.

In 1998, I started a small distribution business selling products to municipal and industrial fire departments, oil and gas companies, power utilities and mining operations. It was an exciting time but my partners and I failed to manage the company, the required finances and growth that the business and our shareholders deserved. And the trials of working two full time jobs nearly broke me.

I lost my shirt.

I avoided declaring bankruptcy and while I was able to maintain my strong credit rating – I pretty much sacrificed everything else personally and financially to make sure everyone was paid and made as “whole” as I possibly could. I sold the business and negotiated fair and on-going compensation for our shareholders. I supported my business partner (coincidentally, my now ex-wife) and a technical advisor who helped introduce and demonstrate our product..

It was the year 2000, the new millennium and I started the long journey back to financial health, wealth and stability. 

Fast-forward to 2004. I started a new and entirely wonderful relationship with the woman I am blessed, to still call my wife and best friend. is the story of how together, we made it back. 

We made a conscious decision to take charge of our finances in the summer of 2010. We started by reading books, taking courses and listening to generous friends and mentors - way smarter and successful than us. But we took action and today we’re doing well, thank God.

At the beginning of this year (2018), it occurred to me that there might be other Canadians in the same or similar position as we found ourselves in 2004. I decided to share what we learned over the past 8 years and describe how we have been able to:

  • Control over $1.0 Million in rental income producing real estate
  • Design and maintain a manageable debt repayment plan
  • Invest in several Real Estate Construction Limited Partnerships (target and realized annualized returns on exited deals in excess of 20%)
  • Invest in several Multi-tenant Limited Partnerships (target and realized annualized returns on exited deals in excess of 15%)
  • Invest in several Private Equity market holdings
  • Find the silver lining in our past investment and business catastrophe. 
  • Take advantage of investment and business losses suffered in the past and offset future taxes using proven Canada Revenue Agency supported strategies
  • Diversify our family wealth, including hard assets to protect against the erosion of our money’s purchasing power and the mountains of debt our government seems unwilling to stop; and
  • Work towards a financial future that makes sense for us. 

Today (2018) – I am 58 years old and couldn’t be more excited about the future.